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There are various methods for selling bitcoins.
#redirect [[Trading bitcoins]]
<span style="color:red">Warning: Please be careful with your money.  When sending bitcoins to an exchange or other counterparty you are trusting that the counterparty will not abscond with your bitcoins and that the operator maintains secure systems that protect against theft -- internal or external.  It is recommended that you obtain the real-world identity of the counterparty and ensure that sufficient recourse is available.  Exchanging or storing significant funds with exchanges is not recommended.</span>
==Market Exchanges==
Market exchanges are those in which buy orders are matched with sell orders, so the price offered depends on the market. If a service quotes a price then it is not operating a market but instead is a broker that buys and/or sells coins. Those exchanges are found in the list of fixed-rate exchanges.
{| class="wikitable"
| Exchange || Adding Funds || Withdrawing Funds || Notes
| [[File:Minilogo.png|35px|link=https://www.1bse.com]]  [https://1bse.com 1Bse] ([[1Bse|info]]) || BTC<br /> LTC<br /> DOGE<br /> HKD (International Bank Wire)<br /> HKD (Local Bank Transfer)<br /> USD (International Bank Wire)<br /> USD (Payeer.com including Yandex.money, Perfect Money, QIWI)<br />  USD (Local Bank Transfer)<br /> EUR (International Bank Wire)<br /> EUR (Local Bank Transfer)<br /> EUR (Payeer.com including Yandex.money, Perfect Money, QIWI)<br /> SGD (International Bank Wire)<br /> SGD (Local Bank Transfer)<br /> CNY (Local Bank Transfer)<br /> CNY (International Bank Wire)<br /> || BTC<br /> LTC<br /> DOGE<br /> HKD (International Bank Wire)<br /> HKD (Local Bank Transfer)<br /> USD (International Bank Wire)<br /> USD (Payeer.com including Yandex.money, Perfect Money, QIWI)<br />  USD (Local Bank Transfer)<br /> EUR (International Bank Wire)<br /> EUR (Local Bank Transfer)<br /> EUR (Payeer.com including Yandex.money, Perfect Money, QIWI)<br /> SGD (International Bank Wire)<br /> SGD (Local Bank Transfer)<br /> CNY (Local Bank Transfer)<br /> CNY (International Bank Wire)<br /> ||<ul><li>Two-Factor Authentication</li><li>Protection from session steal</li><li>24/7 trading monitoring</li><li>No Fees for transfer funds between 1Bse users</li><li>Fees for transaction - 0.15%</li><li>Based in Hong Kong</li><li>Language: English</li></ul>
| [[File:CoinTouch.png|35px|link=https://www.cointouch.com]]  [https://www.cointouch.com CoinTouch] ([[1Bse|info]]) || USD, GBP, EUR<br />AUD CAD, CHF, CNY<br />CZK, DKK, HKD<br />ILS, JPY, NOK<br />NZD, PLN, RUB<br />SEK, SGD, THB<br /><br />BTC, AUR, BQC<br />DOGE, DRK, IFC<br />ISR, LTC, MAX<br />MINT, MSC, NLG<br />NMC, NXT, PPC<br />VTC, WDC, XCP<br />XMR, XPM, XRP || USD, GBP, EUR<br />AUD CAD, CHF, CNY<br />CZK, DKK, HKD<br />ILS, JPY, NOK<br />NZD, PLN, RUB<br />SEK, SGD, THB<br /><br />BTC, AUR, BQC<br />DOGE, DRK, IFC<br />ISR, LTC, MAX<br />MINT, MSC, NLG<br />NMC, NXT, PPC<br />VTC, WDC, XCP<br />XMR, XPM, XRP ||<ul><li>Trading via two-degree social connections from Google+ and/or Facebook</li><li>One-click registration and sign-in</li><li>Direct trading between buyers and sellers</li><li>Secure server</li><li>No fees whatsoever</li><li>Based in London</li><li>Language: English</li></ul>
|  [[File:Hit_20.png|20px|link=https://www.hitbtc.com]][[HITBTC]]  || | BTC<br/>LTC<br/>EUR (Wire Transfer)<br/>USD (Wire Transfer)<br/>DOGE<br/>XMR<br/>BCN<br/>XDN || |  BTC<br/>LTC<br/>EUR (Wire Transfer)<br/>USD (Wire Transfer) <br/>DOGE<br/>XMR<br/>BCN<br/>XDN|| <ul> <li>Cutting-edge technology places and matches order in milliseconds</li><li>Two-factor Authentication</li><li>WebSocket subscription for prices and trades</li><li>Asynchronous WebSocket-based trading interface</li><li>FOK and IOC orders</li><li>API</li>
|  [[Justcoin]]  || | BTC | XRP | LTC  <br/>NOK (Domestic transfer)<br/>EUR (SEPA/International wire transfer)<br/>USD (SEPA/International wire transfer) || |  BTC | XRP | LTC <br/>NOK (Domestic transfer)<br/>EUR (SEPA/International wire transfer)<br/>USD (SEPA/International wire transfer) || <ul> <li>Based in Oslo, Norway</li><li>Two-factor Authentication</li><li>API</li>
|  [[Kraken]] || | BTC | XRP | LTC | XVN<br/>EUR (SEPA transfer)<br />EUR (International bank wire)<br />USD (Domestic bank wire)<br />USD (International bank wire) || | BTC | XRP | LTC | XVN<br/>EUR (SEPA transfer)<br/>EUR (International bank wire)<br />USD (Domestic bank wire)<br />USD (International bank wire)<br/>USD (ACH) || <ul> <li>Legally compliant</li><li>Advanced Stop Orders</li><li>Margin Trading</li><li>Based in San Francisco, CA</li><li>Two-factor Authentication</li><li>API</li>
|  [[http://www.ccedk.com CCEDK]]  || | BTC | LTC | PPC |  NXT  <br/>DKK (Domestic transfer)<br/>EUR (SOFORT instant deposit/SEPA/International SWIFT transfer)<br/>USD, GBP, SEK, NOK, CHF (SEPA/International SWIFT  transfer) || |  BTC | LTC | PPC |  NXT <br/>DKK (Domestic transfer)<br/>EUR (SEPA/International wire transfer)<br/>USD, GBP, SEK, NOK, CHF (SEPA/International wire transfer) || <ul> <li>Based in Hune, Denmark</li><li>Two-factor Authentication</li><li>Language support English, German, French, Danish, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian, Tagalog</li><li>Reserve Fund: 30% of crypto crypto currency revenue</li><li>1000 BTC Trading Pool</li><li>Trading commission only 0,2%</li>
|  [https://www.virwox.info VirWoX] || BTC<br/>SLL (Second Life)<br/>ACD (Avination)<br/>OMC (OpenSim)<br/>USD,EUR,GBP,CHF ([[PayPal]])<br/>USD,EUR,GBP (Credit & Debit cards via [[Skrill]]/Moneybookers)<br/>USD,EUR,GBP ([[NETELLER]])<br/>EUR (DIRECTebanking / Sofortüberweisung)<br/>USD,EUR,GBP,CHF ([[paysafecard]])<br/>EUR (SEPA bank transfer) || BTC<br/>SLL (Second Life)<br/>ACD (Avination)<br/>OMC (OpenSim)<br/>USD,EUR,GBP,CHF ([[PayPal]])<br />USD,EUR,GBP ([[Skrill]]/Moneybookers)<br/>USD,EUR,GBP ([[NETELLER]])<br/>EUR (SEPA bank transfer) || Trading through Second Life Linden Dollars (highly liquid).<br/>Variable limits on PayPal and Credit Card deposits.
|  [[Intersango]]([[Britcoin]]) || BTC<br />GBP (bank deposit)<br />EUR (SEPA bank deposit)<br />PLN (bank transfer) || BTC<br />GBP (bank deposit)<br />EUR (SEPA bank transfer)<br />PLN (bank transfer) ||
|  [[BTC-E]] || BTC<br />BTC (BTC-e redeemable code)<br />USD (Cash deposit at Post of Russia)<br />USD (Cash deposit at banks including Privatbank, Savings Bank of Russia (Sberbank), RU/UA Terminals, & more)<br />USD (Interkassa)<br />USD (WebMoney - WMZ)<br />USD (Yandex)<br />USD (LiqPay)<br />USD (Perfect Money)<br />USD (QIWI)<br />USD (OKPay)<br />USD (RBK Money)<br />USD (Ditial currencies including НСМЭП (NSMEP), Единый Кошелек (Unified Purse), TeleMoney, & more)<br />USD (BTC-e Redeemable Code)<br />USD (International bank wire)<br />EUR (SEPA bank transfer)<br />RUB (QIWI)<br />RUB (LiqPay)<br />RUB (WebMoney-WMR)<br />RUB (BTC-e Redeemable code)<br />RUB (Bank transfer) || BTC<br/>BTC (BTC-e redeemble code)<br />USD (Webmoney - WMZ)<br />USD (Perfect Money)<br />USD (LiqPay)<br />USD (QIWI)<br />USD (PayPal)<br />USD (OKPay)<br />USD (Payza/AlertPay)<br />USD (Privat, Privat UAH)<br />USD (Cash deposit into Savings Bank/Sberbank, Telebank, Alfa Bank)<br />USD (BTC-e Redeemable Code)<br />USD (International Wire Transfer)<br />EUR (SEPA bank transfer)<br />RUB (Cash delivery, possible in Moscow)<br />RUB (QIWI)<br />RUB (LiqPay)<br />RUB (WebMoney WMR)<br />RUB (Яндекс.Деньги Yandex)<br />RUB (RBK Money)<br />Cash deposit (into account at Сбербанка России!/Savings Bank/Sberbank, Телебанк (Telebank), and АльфаБанк (Alfa Bank)<br />RUB (Transfer to credit card VISA & MasterCard)<br />RUB (BTC-e Redeemable code)<br />RUB (Bank transfer) || Language: English, Russian.
|  [[VirtEx]] || BTC<br/>CAD (cash deposit at BMO Bank of Montreal)<br />CAD (Online bill payment)<br />CAD (Wire transfer) || BTC<br/>CAD (direct deposit)<br />CAD (Canada Xpress Post Bank Draft send by mail)<br />CAD Payza (formerly AlertPay) ||
|  [[Camp BX]] (CBX) || BTC <br/> USD ([[Dwolla]])<br/>USD (P2P bank transfer at Chase, B&nbsp;of&nbsp;A, Wells Fargo and ING. Credited after three business days).<br />USD (Personal Check)<br />USD (USPS Postal money order, Canada Post money order) || BTC<br />USD ([[Dwolla]])<br/>USD (ACH Direct Deposit)<br />USD (USPS Postal Money Order)<br/>USD (Domestic bank wire)<br/>USD (International bank wire) || <ul> <li> Security certification from McAfee</li><li> Advanced trading options with AON/FOK/Market</li> <li>STOPLOSS and Short-Selling in Pipeline</li><li> Trading API available</li><li> Wallet API available </li><li> CBX Instant Bitcoin Transfers Feature </li><li> Stoploss / Custom Order Expiry Date/Time </li><li> SMS (Text Message) Notifications </li> <li> Two-Factor Authentication </li> <li> Based in USA - Atlanta </li> </ul> 
|  [[CoinMKT]] || | BTC | LTC | PPC | TRC | NVC | NMC | FTC <br/> USD ([[Dwolla]])<br/>USD (P2P bank transfer at any US bank, credited after three business days).<br />USD (Personal Check)<br />USD (USPS Postal money order, Canada Post money order) || | BTC | LTC | PPC | TRC | NVC | NMC | FTC <br />USD ([[Dwolla]])<br/>USD (USPS Postal Money Order)<br/>USD (Domestic bank wire)<br/>USD (International bank wire) || <ul> <li>Trade any currency pair</li><li>Fast, web-based ID verification</li><li>Focused on user experience</li><li>Play money trading</li> <li> Based in Santa Monica, CA </li> </ul> 
|  [[File:Coinsetter_logo.png|20px|link=https://coinsetter.com]] [https://www.coinsetter.com Coinsetter]([https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/coinsetter info)] || BTC<br/> USD (SWIFT Transfer) || BTC <br/> USD(SWIFT Transfer) || <br/>A New York based Bitcoin exchange and ECN that aggregates the order books of other major exchanges into our own internal exchange, creating an access point to the deepest pool of liquidity near market price.<br/>
|  [[Bitstamp]] || BTC<br />BTC (Redeemable code)<br />EUR (SEPA transfer)<br />USD (Intl wire)<br />USD ([[Ripple]])<br />CHF || BTC<br />BTC (Redeemable code)<br />EUR (SEPA transfer)<br />USD (Intl wire)<br />USD (Ripple)<br />CHF || EUR and CHF deposits converted to/from USD for trading
|  [https://bitcoin-24.com Bitcoin-24] || BTC<br />EUR (SEPA transfer)<br />EUR (Credit Card)<br />EUR (SOFORT Überweisung || BTC<br />EUR (SEPA transfer) || SOFORT Überweisung and Credit Card deposits are instant
|  [[Bitcoin Central]] || BTC<br/>EUR (SEPA bank transfer)<br/>International wire transfer || BTC<br/>EUR (SEPA bank transfer)<br />International wire transfer ||
|  [[BTCTurk]] || BTC<br />TL (Bank transfer)<br /> || BTC<br />TL (Bank transfer)<br /> || <ul><li> The first Bitcoin exchange to allow trades in Turkish Lira.</li><li> Available in Turkish language. </li></ul> 
|  [[FBTC Exchange]] || BTC <br/> USD(Domestic Wire Transfer)<br/>EUR (Bank transfer) || BTC<br/>USD<br />EUR || Based in the Netherlands 
[[FYB-SG]] || BTC <br/> SGD(Internet Bank Transfer)<br/>SGD (Annonymous Cash Deposit at any UOB Cash Deposit Machine in Singapore).<br /> || BTC<br/>SGD(Internet Bank Transfer)<br/> || <ul><li> Based in Singapore </li> </ul> 
|  [https://www.itbit.com itBit] || BTC <br/> SGD(Bank Wire/GIRO)<br/>USD (Bank Wire)<br />  EUR(Bank Wire)|| BTC <br/> SGD(Bank Wire/GIRO)<br/>USD (Bank Wire)<br />  EUR(Bank Wire) || Based in Singapore
|  [[Rock Currency Exchange]] || BTC<br/>SLL (Second Life)<br/>USD ([[Dwolla]])<br/>EUR (SEPA bank transfer) || BTC<br/>SLL (Second Life)<br/>USD ([[Dwolla]])<br/>EUR (SEPA bank transfer) ||
|  [[bitNZ]] || BTC<br/>NZD (Cash deposit at Westpac) || BTC<br/>NZD (Domestic bank transfer) ||
| [[Kapiton.se]]  || BTC<br/>SEK (Bankgiro Bank Transfer) || BTC<br/>SEK (Bankgiro Bank Transfer) || ||
|  [[Vault of Satoshi]] || AC <br>AUR<br>BC<br>BIL<br>BTC<br>CAD (Canadian)<br>CGB<br>DGC<br>DOGE<br>DRK<br>EMC2<br>FLT<br>FTC<br>LTC<br>MINT<br>NMC<br>NOBL<br>NVC<br>PPC<br>QRK<br>RDD<br>USD (US Dollar)<br>VTC<br>WC<br>WDC<br>XPM<br>ZET<br> || AC <br>AUR<br>BC<br>BIL<br>BTC<br>CAD (Canadian)<br>CGB<br>DGC<br>DOGE<br>DRK<br>EMC2<br>FLT<br>FTC<br>LTC<br>MINT<br>NMC<br>NOBL<br>NVC<br>PPC<br>QRK<br>RDD<br>USD (US Dollar)<br>VTC<br>WC<br>WDC<br>XPM<br>ZET<br> || <ul> <li> Security certification from Symantex</li><li> Bug Bounty Program</li><li> Advanced trading options</li> <li>Only exchange currently doing an open Proof of Solvency </li><li> Trading API available</li><li> Wallet API available </li><li> Create/Redeem VoS Codes for Bitcoin and other coins </li><li> SMS (Text Message) Notifications </li> <li> Two-Factor Authentication (Google, YubiCo, SMS, Email)</li><li></li>Registered Money Services Business<li> Based in Canada </li> </ul> 
|  [[Vircurex]] || BTC || BTC || Trading in many other P2P/Crypto currencies possible
==Fixed Rate Exchanges & Others==
The following exchanges are either exchanges using a fixed rate based on other markets or are exchanges that enable you to redeem smaller amounts of bitcoins at reasonable rates:
* [[24change.com]] Automatic Bitcoin and e-currencies buy/sell service Bitcoin, USD, UAH, RUB, Visa, MasterCard, EgoPay, Payoneer, MoneyGram, OKPAY, WireTransfer, QIWI, Yandex Money, PayPal, PerfectMoney, Paymer, ePayments, LiqPay, Redpass, WESTERN UNION, International Banks
* [[ALFAcashier]] Instant exchange between Bitcoin, Litecoin, PerfectMoney, LiqPay, OKPay, EgoPay, International Bank Transfer, Russian Bank Tranfer
* [[Bahtcoin]] Trade BTC for Thai Baht, cash, Webmoney, or Thai mobile and gaming prepaid cards.
* [[File:BitSimpleIcon.png|30px|link=https://BitSimple.com]] [https://BitSimple.com Bitsimple.] ([[BitSimple.|info]]) Don't get goxxed again, we never hold user bitcoins. BitSimple will buy your coins directly from any wallet (zero confirmations required).  Get your funds same day.  Payments by bank wire, ACH, or PayPal transfer.
* [[File:BittyBot-head.png|20px|link=http://BittyBot.co.uk]] [http://BittyBot.co.uk BittyBot] ([[BittyBot|info]]) BittyBot monitors and compares the UK Bitcoin market to help you find the best prices and most reputable traders.
* [[BTC China]] Market for exchanging bitcoins to and from CNY, withdraw CNY (Tencent, Alipay) and USD.
* [[BTCHKEX]] Trade your BTCs for HKD.
* [https://bips.me BIPS] ([[BIPS|info]]) Withdraw funds as Danish Domestic Transfer, or ACH / Direct Deposit in any current, and Wire Transfer to Any Country.  DK-based
* [http://www.belgacoin.com Belgacoin.com] The easiest way to sell Bitcoins in Europe. It is fast, secure and cheap. No registration required!
* [[Bestexchangeonline.com]] Buy Sell Exchange Bitcoins with the best price,Instant exchange between Bitcoin , CashU, Perfectmoney, PayPal, Webmoney, Liqpay , Okpay , Egopay .
* [[BitBargain]] Market in the UK for buying bitcoins with GBP instantly from trusted OTC sellers through escrow.
* [https://Bitcash.cz/market Bitcash.cz] ([[Bitcash.cz|info]]) Czech & Slovak Bitcoin Exchange (CZK domestic wire, EUR with SEPA)
* [[Bitcoil]] Exchange BTC for ILS with bank transfers in Israel
* [[Bitcoin Argentina]] Trades BTC for ARS. Cash and bank transfer. No exchange fees.
* [[Bitcoin Nordic]] Sell bitcoins with withdrawal to PayPal or bank transfer.
* [[Bitcoini.com]] Trade bitcoins in Bulgaria and Romania for local currencies, USD worldwide with Western Union, MoneyGram
* [http://bitcoincambodia.com/ bitcoincambodia.com] - Get USD cash for your Bitcoins within hours from any where in Cambodia.
* [http://BitcoinIsrael.co.il BitcoinIsrael.co.il] Get cash (ILS) for your Bitcoins within hours from any where in Israel.
* [[bitcoin-otc]] IRC trading marketplace will usually have people willing to deal for small and larger amounts using various payment methods, including [[PayPal]], [[Dwolla]], [[Linden Dollars]], etc.
* [http://bitcoinx.io BitcoinX.io] BitcoinX is a peer-to-peer review and ratings site for Bitcoin exchanges.
* [[Bitcoin.com.es]] Trade your BTCs for EUR (Bank transfer).
* [[bitcoin.de]] Trade your BTCs for EUR (bank wire, SEPA bank transfer, Money Bookers), person to person, eWallet
* [http://bitcoin.in.th/ Bitcoin in Thailand] Buy and Sell BTC in Thailand for cash via local bank deposits and transfers.
* [[bitcoin.local]] arranges for exchanging currencies in person with someone nearby
* [[Bitcoins In Berlin]] Trade your BTC for cash-in-the-mail (EUR), in-person trande, Western Union, Moneygram, bank transfer or SEPA.
* [[BitMarket.co]] Trade your BTCs for Colombian Peso (COP) as OTC with BTC Escrow.
* [[BitPiggy]] Trade your BTCs for AUD (Bank transfer).
* [https://www.bitquick.co BitQuick.co][https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/BitQuick.co (info)] Instant exchange to receive cash deposit or SEPA transfer to the seller's bank account for Bitcoin at any price set by seller.
* [[Bittylicious]] Trusted sellers can sell BTC for GBP and EUR via UK bank transfers or SEPA payments
* [https://www.brawker.com Brawker.com][https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Brawker (info)] Exchange bitcoins for anything online. Bitcoin owners can order anything they want on the Internet and get a 7% cash back on their purchase. People interested in buying bitcoins can do so by fulfilling someone else's order with their credit card or Paypal account and obtain the equivalent amount in bitcoins.
* [http://BTCInstant.com BTCinstant.com] Trade bitcoins for Virtual Credit Card (VCC, and specifically Virtual Mastercard brand) sent through e-mail.
* [[btcx.se]] / Btcx Sweden || 0% above 80 btc || SEK || Bank transfers to most Swedish banks within 4-12 hours.
* [[Canadian Bitcoins]] Buy/Sell Bitcoins in CAD and receive Cash, Cheque, Bank Transfer (TD Person Pay) or Interac.
* [[Cartão BitCoin]] Convert your bitcoins to reload your debit card (offered to Brazilians, accepted at 10,000 locations in Brazil)
* [[Coin2Pal]] Sell your Bitcoins and receive PayPal funds immediately.
* [[Coinabul]] Trade your BTCs for Gold/Silver
* [http://coinbase.com/?r=514b6eb6a18f2fdde50000db&utm_campaign=user-referral&src=referral-link Coinbase] Sell bitcoins with proceeds delivered as a bank transfer (U.S., as ACH/direct deposit). Instant verification available for new accounts.
* [https://coingator.com CoinGator] || USD || Exchange BTC to USD via MoneyPak, BoA Deposit, Dwolla, and more! Payment within processing time or no exchange fee.
* [http://coinrepublic.com/buy-sell-bitcoins-singapore/ Coin Republic] ||  SGD (Singapore Dollar)|| Payment via local bank transfer.
* [https://www.cryptxchange.com Cryptxchange] Sell bitcoins for USD or CAD Funds transfered VIA bank tranfer
* [[ECurrencyZone]] Cash out bitcoins to INR, BDT, MYR, SGD via bank transfer or cash deposited to your bank account. Also to Western Union, Moneygram, Citibank global funds transfer, Paypal, Skrill/Moneybookers, Payza/AlertPay, OKPay. Convert to digital currencies C-Gold, Perfect Money, WebMoney and EGOPay.
* [[FastCash4Bitcoins]] Sell your BTC and receive cash today. Over 100,000 BTC bought. Payments issued using your choice of PayPal, Dwolla, ACH (Direct Deposit), Bank Wire, Company Check, Cashier's Check or Silver Bullion even.
* [https://www.happycoins.com HappyCoins] Buy and sell Bitcoins in Euro using the Dutch iDEAL or European SEPA payment system. Fast payout and transparent prices based on real-time exchange prices.
* [https://www.itbit.com itBit] Buy/Sell Bitcoins with SGD/USD/EUR. Institutionally Funded, Advanced Security!
* [[Mang Sweeney]] Use bitcoins to send remittance payments to the Philippines, in-person cash out in metro Manilla or from various remittance centers.  Languages: English, Filipino.
* [[Lilion Transfer]] Exchanges bitcoins for [[Pecunix]], [[AlertPay]], [[Skrill]]/Moneybookers, [[PayPal]], and more.
* [[LocalBitcoins]] Exchanges bitcoins for csah, bank wirte transfers, [[OKPay]], [[AlertPay]], [[Skrill]]/Moneybookers, [[PayPal]], [[Dwolla]] and more.
* [[Nanaimo Gold]] Redeem bitcoins for money transfer, money order or direct deposit within Canada.
* [[Spend Bitcoins]] Sell bitcoins for AUD (Australia). Redeem for bank transfer, AustPost reloadable VISA, bill payment and other various methods.
* [http://jzn5w5pac26sqef4.onion.sh/ WeBuyBitcoins] Sell Bitcoins for ACH, PayPal, Cash In Mail, WU/MG.
* [http://localbitcoins.com LocalBitcoins.com] ([[LocalBitcoins|Info]]) Location-based bitcoin to cash exchange.
* [[OKPAY]] || Convert bitcoins from USD, EUR, GBP, RUB, CHF etc via bank wire transfer, USD, EUR via additional direct methods, USD, EUR via Migom, USD, EUR via Money Polo, USD, EUR via Intel Express, USD, EUR via Liqpay, USD, EUR, UAH via Wallet1, RUB via (Yandex Money) and USD via OKPAY Debit Card. Completely non-reversible payments. Support of 19 world currencies, 15 languages.
* [[Dagensia]] Fully licensed EU company exchanging Bitcoins, Bank Wire, SEPA EUR, Debit Cards. USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, CHF, SEK, AUD, CZK
* [http://artabit.com artaBit.com] ([[artaBit|info]]), Sell bitcoins in Indonesia for IDR (rupiah).
* [https://www.bitsofgold.co.il Bits Of Gold] ([[Bits of Gold|info]]), Sell bitcoins in Israel for ILS.
* [https://moneypaktrader.com MoneypakTrader.com] ([[MoneypakTrader.com|info]]), sell bitcoins for [[MoneyPak]].
* [[https://truckcoin.com TRUCK COIN]] Buy/sell Bitcoin directly, easily and anonymously, exchange Bitcoin to all of the e-currencies (such as Perfect Money, PayPal, EgoPay, c-gold, Pecunix, etc) and vice versa depend on the people you deal with.
==Goods and Services==
One way of selling bitcoins is to use them as the payment method when making purchases.
See the [[Trade]] page for a fairly comprehensive list of goods and service that bitcoins will purchase.
==See Also==
* [[:Category:Digital currencies|Digital currencies]]
* [[Buying bitcoins]]
* [[Secure Trading]]
* [[:Category:Local|Local]] exchanges

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