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Simplecoin is a new mining pool with the goal of simplifying mining while providing tools for the most avid miners.

This pool pays out using a proportional share reward system (your shares / total shares for the round) = % share of the rewards.

The service was first available on June 02, 2011[1].

  • Opensource: Pushpool driven, running on a modified xenland frontend.
  • 0% fee during site development! (100% proportional payout of bonus 50btc)
  • Instant cashout available with positive balance!
  • Long polling for less stale shares
  • Worker monitor for less downtime
  • Current Round Payout estimation
  • JSON account/worker monitoring API

Getting Started

To get started, setup an account at You should have a miner auto-created on registration: user=username.1, password=x; login with your favorite miner at

Reward distribution

  • Proportional: 0% fee.

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