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A project's page on StartJOIN

StartJOIN is a social crowd funding technology platform.


StartJOIN launched in Februrary 2014 in London. Being born in the digital space, StartJOIN aims to power progression. StartJOIN accepts cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin and thus is a platform that is open to new ways of backing a project people believe in, and that means that projects get funded faster.


StartJOIN knows that it may take some time for a project to develop from an idea, which is why it offers separate “Concept” and "Project" stages where one can showcase their idea at different stages of development, and get community feedback and support throughout

In contrast to traditional crowd funding which is about a lot of people pledging small amounts of money for the collective growth of a project, StartJOIN offers a more complex system: a platform that gives users the chance to grow an idea from the conceptual stage through to a funded project.

Sometimes money isn't the only concern: people can offer skills and feedback to help develop an idea. StartJOIN is a social network, so it provides an opportunity to keep up with one's friends, influencers and the projects user is interested in.

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