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I believe some of the inexperienced api users may have unintentionally compromised the Authentication section and examples by removing the details regarding api key & secret as recommended by MtGox at The change now describes the need for user name and password. Though this old model still works in the new api model, it is not the recommended strategy because it gives applications information which would compromise the user's private account. The application SHOULD ONLY have access to the the api calls as granted by them by the user's specified api rights associated to the api key and secret.

Automtgox 00:18, 22 September 2011 (GMT)

More channels in the connection

Instead of the 3 channels listed in the original WebSocket connection list, I am seeing many more that I have no idea about:

Channel Description
d5f06780-30a8-4a48-a2f8-7ed181b4a13f Ticker
dbf1dee9-4f2e-4a08-8cb7-748919a71b21 Trades
24e67e0d-1cad-4cc0-9e7a-f8523ef460fe Depth
5b234cc3-a7c1-47ce-854f-27aee4cdbda5  ?
113fec5f-294d-4929-86eb-8ca4c3fd1bed  ?
0d1ecad8-e20f-459e-8bed-0bdcf927820f  ?
9219abb0-b50c-4007-b4d2-51d1711ab19c  ?
057bdc6b-9f9c-44e4-bc1a-363e4443ce87 Depth EUR
0bb6da8b-f6c6-4ecf-8f0d-a544ad948c15 Ticker EUR
60c3af1b-5d40-4d0e-b9fc-ccab433d2e9c  ?
049f65dc-3af3-4ffd-85a5-aac102b2a579  ?
94483e07-d797-4dd4-bc72-dc98f1fd39e3  ?
66da7fb4-6b0c-4a10-9cb7-e2944e046eb5  ?
cedf8730-bce6-4278-b6fe-9bee42930e95  ?
e4ff055a-f8bf-407e-af76-676cad319a21  ?
d6412ca0-b686-464c-891a-d1ba3943f3c6  ?
8f1fefaa-7c55-4420-ada0-4de15c1c38f3  ?
41e5c243-3d44-4fad-b690-f39e1dbb86a8  ?
67879668-532f-41f9-8eb0-55e7593a5ab8  ?

And more...

--Clark 00:26, 18 November 2011 (GMT)