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In re mnemonics

Hi, Belcher. I had a similar thought about mnemonic phrases. But I was motivated to make my edits (and indeed, to create a wiki account) by wikitext which conflated different types of keys, thus causing user confusion observed in the wild; and I didn’t want to risk causing any more of that.

BIP 32 HD seeds may be created via a KDF from BIP 39 (or other) mnemonics; but this is not necessarily so. The standards are distinct, as are their outputs. In an introductory-level technical article, simply mentioning the two together could create more technical confusion; but any longer explanation risks going into an extended off-topic tangent on the “private key” page. I debated this with myself, then decided to restrict scope to disambiguating between Bitcoin private keys and Bitcoin HD wallet seeds.

Thoughts? I do think it would be good to mention and wikilink mnemonics here, if it could be done both precisely and concisely.

Nullius (talk) 22:05, 23 December 2017 (UTC)