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Active in column(s)

I added in the 'active in' column, since it looked like we might be getting random folks from Reddit adding themselves. Someone doesn't have to be active in core for their opinion to matter by any means, but people have been citing this document to counter the reality distortion field claiming that the developers of Bitcoin Core support "segwit2x" and getting a bunch of who-knows-who-they-are people on the page would break that purpose without something like this. The criteria I used was one commit since a year before the creation of the page which is an arbitrary but pretty low bar. A low bar is justifiable because some people contribute primarily in the form of review or long term changes that produce just a commit or two in a few months... but someone who isn't making a commit a year is really hard to argue as being part of the projects regardless of anything else. I believe if the criteria were upped to at least two the only change would be that Warren would drop out. If it were dropped to 6 months Decker would drop out (as he's busy with lightning). Both would be justifiable, as I don't consider either of them very involved right now-- but either way is fine. I just mention it to show that it's not overly sensitive to the parameter. Cheers --Gmaxwell (talk) 20:08, 11 June 2017 (UTC)

Sources Please

Please add sources for companies supporting BIP148. For example Bitstamp is not listed on as in support.