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I have no legitimate stake in the matter, I made a few edits that I hope remove POV and still embrace the idea of Tonal Bitcoin. This is Raize, I am sorry I am not familiar enough with wiki editing to provide my signature. --Raize

Proposal for deletion

I propose to delete this article on the following grounds.

  1. "Tonal bitcoin" is Bitcoin, but it uses a different representation of standard bitcoin balances. Instead of using decimal, the originator proposes using tonal units. If we follow this approach to the extreme, we could also use any base X system. Why not base 60?
  2. These is almost no information about tonal bitcoin available on the web. All information that is available seems to come from a single source (Luke-Jr). To make matters worse, the information that is available is extremely confusing and poorly written.
  3. No one, with the possible exception of one person, use "tonal bitcoin" units.
  4. Not one exchange or business uses Tonal bitcoin units (to my knowledge).

I quote the following introductory paragraph on the bitcointalk thread by Luke-jr describing tonal bitcoin, which demonstrates the nature of the problem. "Altcoin" is used incorrectly, and I would note that nothing was created. All that the author proposes is: If you have a bitcoin balance of X in decimal notation, you can convert this to a balance Y in tonal units. This is not very profound.

I created this altcoin in January 2011 immediately after discovering Bitcoin.
While many altcoins have been created since, none come close to TBC's ideal design:
Shares the same blockchain as BTC, so benefits from the full security and difficulty backing the Bitcoin blockchain.
Mined together with BTC - unlike ordinary merged mining, you don't get BTC plus TBC, just one or the other at your choice.
Completely compatible with all Bitcoin addresses: if you send BTC to a TBC client's address, it will automatically get converted and vice-versa.

Lunokhod (talk) 08:20, 21 August 2014 (UTC)