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This is for discussion, not trolling. Note that this is not an encyclopedia, and does not have any "notability" requirements. If you don't want to use Tonal, don't. Trolling is not acceptable and will be deleted. Reasoned criticism is welcome in the "Criticism" section of the page.

I have no legitimate stake in the matter, I made a few edits that I hope remove POV and still embrace the idea of Tonal Bitcoin. This is Raize, I am sorry I am not familiar enough with wiki editing to provide my signature. --Raize

Proposal for deletion

I propose to delete this article on the following grounds.

  1. "Tonal bitcoin" is Bitcoin. Tonal Bitcoin only refers to the choice of the bitcoin user to employ a different representation of standard bitcoin balances. Instead of using decimal, the originator proposes using tonal units. If we follow this approach to the extreme, we could also use any base X system. It comes down to this: If you have a bitcoin balance of X in decimal notation, you can convert this to a balance Y in tonal units.
  2. There is almost no information about tonal bitcoin available on the web attesting to its insignificance. All information that is available seems to come from a single source. To make matters worse, the information that is available is extremely confusing and poorly written.
  3. No one, with the possible exception of one person, use "tonal bitcoin" units.
  4. Not one exchange or business uses Tonal bitcoin units (to my knowledge).

Lunokhod (talk) 14:59, 21 August 2014 (UTC)