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Tor + Firefox

I recommend to start with the Vidalia Bundle. There Tor comes with a graphical control centre + Tor button for Firefox. the Tor button is a plugin that allows you with 1 click to turn on/off the Tor routing for Firefox.

Tor + Bitcoin

using Bitcoin with Tor is easy. All you need is to check the proxy option. The predefined values in Bitcoin match the Tor settings. As Bitcoin only saves from & to addresses (and no IP addresses), you should be pretty safe. Tor however does not fix the traceability of BTC from one address to other.

Tor + IRC (mIRC)

This is worked for me on two different computers, drop me a message on Bitcoin forum if you need help.

additional content?

some user started creating a tor page under his user space:

maybe there's some stuff you guys can pull in from there...

also, xchat instructions for using over tor can be nice to have too. not everyone uses mirc, you know. :)