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This page is an index of projects using Taproot in an interesting way. Please update with links.

Phases Key:

  • Implemented: Real running code without major known deficiencies.
  • Spec: A detailed document describing how something should work.
  • Prototype: A component of something is built or a toy-level implementation.
  • Idea: A description of something which could be built.
Name Link Description Phase (Implemented, Spec, Prototype, Idea)
Taproot Ring Signatures https://github.com/jonasnick/taproot-ringsig Ring Signatures over all Taproot outputs. Prototype
LNP Node https://github.com/LNP-BP/lnp-node Run the lightning network. Implemented
Bitcoin Pro https://github.com/pandoracore/bitcoin-pro Issue RGB assets. Implemented
The Farcaster Project https://github.com/farcaster-project Atomic Swaps Implemented
MyCitadel Wallet https://github.com/mycitadel/mycitadel-node Send and receive bitcoins and RGB assets. Implemented
Bitcoin Core Wallet Descriptor Support https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/21365#issuecomment-792972451 Handle Taproot descriptors for trees of key-only scripts. Prototype/Implemented
Lightning in a Taproot World https://lists.linuxfoundation.org/pipermail/lightning-dev/2019-December/002375.html Description of LN with Taproot. Idea
Multi-Hop Locks from Scriptless Scripts https://github.com/ElementsProject/scriptless-scripts/blob/master/md/multi-hop-locks.md Description of LN with Taproot Spec, No Implementation
Libbitcoin support https://github.com/evoskuil/libbitcoin-system/tree/taproot Add BIP341 and BIP342 script validation Prototype