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[[Category:Maintenance templates|Ambox]]
[[Category:Maintenance templates|Ambox]]
{{ambox | type = notice | contents = '''Lorem ipsum''' dolor sit amet.}}

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Documentation for Ambox

This template is used in many pages.


This template is a derived work. It is, however, NOT exactly the same as Wikipedia's template of the same name! All CSS has been integrated into the template, and therefore some features are not available. However it is still a very useful template!

Usage Instructions

Example to display a notice:

 | type  = notice
 | text  = Hello world!

The code above should return:

There are lots more examples of ambox use on the Wiki labels page.

Amboxes are divided into various types. Each type should have a corresponding colour code. The colour-coding helps to inform of the severity of the issues at a glance, so you can use the following parameters to change the color of your ambox.

40px This documentation is transcluded from Template:Ambox/doc.