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{{{org}}} Support and Communication


{{Communication|org=organization or company|email=foo@bar|email2=...}}

Most parameters are optional. Listed in order of display:

org: Required. Organization or company the communications deal with.
desc: Default "Support and Communication". Used in title.
email: Provide a primary contact email address.
email2: Provide a secondary contact email address.
website: Main website with links to communication resources. Should be linked when provided: website=[http://foo.bar/]
helpdesk: Webpage where help and problem tickets can be submitted. Should be linked when provided: helpdesk=[http://foo.bar/helpdesk/]
livesupport: Webpage where customer support is instantly contacted. Should be linked when provided: livesupport=[http://foo.bar/livesupport/]
phone: Global phone number for global companies. Should only be used if the company is global.
lphone: Local phone number for local companies. Should only be used if the company is not global.
    lphonecity: City that the local phone number is based in. Provide this if and only if lphone is used.
address: Mailing address (physical). Can be in whatever format is appropriate.



MtGox Support and Communication