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'''1. Presentation'''
'''2. Project Vision'''
'''3. Token Informations'''
'''4. Token Distribution'''
'''5. Use of Funds'''
'''6. Token Details'''
'''7. Roadmap'''
'''8. Ico Timeline'''
'''1. The new music streaming era'''
'''The first decentralized music streaming platform'''
'''BitSong''' is a new music platform, which will be built using the Ethereum blockchain and the IPFS distribuited filesystem.
BitSong is a project dedicated to musicians and listeners, to solve one of the major problems related to the world of music. Problems that a musician who wants to emerge knows very well.
On the BitSong platform you will be able to produce songs in which an advertiser can attach advertisements and users can access from any device. For each advertisement listened, the artist and the listener will get up to 90% of the profits invested by the advertiser. You can also receive donations from your fans for your next album.
'''Now you are paid!'''
The current music streaming companies are like intermediaries between advertisers and producers. We want to upset the musical world thanks to the blockchain technology.
The user will be paid for the '''"User Attention"''', the producer will receive earnings in real time, the advertiser will be able to optimize the campaign after viewing the reports.
The technology of the blockchain is advancing fast bringing with it new improvements applicable to daily use. For this reason they decided to found BitSong, the first decentralized music streaming platform.
'''2. Project Vision'''
CHROMECAST''' BitSong will generate profits for artists and the users who listen to their songs,
while creating a money saving opportunity for advertisers. Our goal is to be
present on any Smart TV equipped with Chromecast, through Smartphone
app stores, on any personal computer through a web interface or software
and finally any car equipped with a Smart Radio.
BLOCKCHAIN''' BitSong will be the new point of reference for the music market and will be
fully developed using the technologies that the blockchain has available.
Using the blockchain affords Bitsong with the means to be decentralized and
be more community – based compared to its competitors. Currently viewing
a music video is via YouTube, listening and streaming is via Spotify, marketing
is on iTunes or Beatport and advertising is on social media. BitSong
aims to solve this problem once and for all.
'''AUTONOMY''' Bitsong will provide artists with full autonomy to upload their song (without a
distributor or a label), and their own music video, advertise it through their
own fanpage (on the BitSong platform) and interact with their fans.
PLATFORM''' A holistic one – stop shop approach, choice is given to to the user, to watch
videos, stream music and have the ability to use whichever device they own
to partake in Bitsong. This also permits the artist to manage their social media
fanbase from one source, their Bitsong channel, thereby retaining their
fans on one single decentralized music platform.
/TV''' We have already planned to create an official Web Radio / TV that will
stream the best tracks on the platform, there will also be musical contests
in which the artist will promote his music (only users with BTSG tokens can
express their preference) . In addition to the official Web Radio / TV, there
will also be the possibility to open a streaming channel where you can broadcast
your events, or perform live via our platform.
CHARTS''' Today musical rankings are easily influenced or modified by external sponsorships.
BitSong will proposes to store all user reactions (such as streams,
like, comments and anything else) on their blockchain, thus generating the
first verifiable and above all, real music classification for rankings.
BitSong's aim is to evolve as the world of blockchain evolves and create new opportunities
for our community to support our platform.
'''3. TOKEN
'''The BitSong Token (symbol: BTSG) will be used as currency within the platform,
and will therefore be used for sponsorships, donations, purchases and votes.'''
Using the Ethereum blockchain the community will be able to receive payments
safely and quickly, thus eliminating the annoying problems and slowness
of the fiat currencies.
'''BitSong''' is a long term project, all calculations have been made in order
to guarantee an “uninterrupted” production flow, (all this regardless of the
various market fluctuations).
'''The BitSong token will be essential for:
• Sponsorship
• Making a donation
• Purchasing a song
• Voting
• Buying tickets
• Purchasing merchandising'''
BitSong encourage and reward the community and who will support them, this activity is
necessary in the launching phase of the service and also subsequently throughout
for a continuous growth and fast expansion.
In order to guarantee the adoption of the platform, they have implemented a
Smart Contract that will reward the new subscribers, those who will invite
other users and who will create various contents of various types.
'''4. TOKEN
Presale & Public Sale - 50% of the BTSG tokens will go on sale. This sale will
permit the development of the application and the expansion of the project.
The unsold tokens will be burned in order to guarantee the value and the balance of the Token. 
In order to create an “active” community within BitSong, they have decided to
give away 1% of their tokens in Airdrop. At present the Airdrop, has created
more than 180,000 users for Bitsong.
The Bounty Program is born from the need to create a strong and sustainable
community. In this case, all users who bring added value to BitSong will be
rewarded with BTSG tokens.
BitSong strongly believe in the creation of a partner network linked to the music
world. This fund will allow to increase this network, to develop the project
and to enlarge the community.
In order to guarantee the success of the crowdfunding, we have reserved a
7% fund for the advisors and related costs.
The 15% reserve fund is necessary to guarantee “long-term” survival of the project
and will be blocked for a period of 18 months. Later it will be unlocked (if
necessary) in 10% monthly batches to refinance new features.
They have allocated 20% of the BTSG token and destinedto the for Owner
Founder and Teamteam. This fund will be blocked for a period of 6 months,
at the end of the 6 months the BTSG tokens will be unlocked in batches of
about 2-3% per month.
In order to be able to manage and exploit the funds available in the best way,
BitSong intends to use them according to a strategy and a well-studied plan.
BitSong aim to expand globally the business in other countries, all over the world,
starting from with the European Union followed by, the U.S.A, Canada,
Asia markets and eventually extending to all countries that are and want to
invest in the digital music world through the blockchain.
The blockchain is a sector that is still developing, investing heavily in new
blockchain technologies will allow BitSong to keep the project in a decentralized
way. The Three locations have been identified establishment of 3 locations
in Europe for the establishment of the business. All three locations are in geographically strategic positions for the partnerships
network that they are already active and linked to the musical world.
To do this they need to improve and develop the platform through technical
and strategic improvements, acquire and develop new activities that the platform
can offer to the Community and , licenses, mergers and collaborations
with other partner companies.
AND PR 20%'''
The fund related to Marketing & PR fund is one of the most important side
of whole project. An unknown application is an unused application.
Therefore these funds will be used to enhance costs of the
marketing strategy . Precisely for this reason BitSong intend to push the marketing
as much as possible, in this way will be able to aim at connecting
to the customers with the largest number of users and consequently the
achievement of the goal. This fund will also be used to invest heavily in
events, sponsorships, contests related to artists, public relations, advertising
campaigns, social media campaigns and newsletters. Any means necessary
to expand the brand and achieve the goal will also be considered.
'''6. TOKEN
  Token utility used to get access to services within BitSong
Accepted Payments   
Total Supply       
  1,000,000,000 BTSG
Presale Estimated start 
  April, 2018 (whitelisting)
Public Token Sale             
  Q3/2018 - 08/10/2018
Tokens Presale:     
Available Public Token Sale: 
ICO Price           
  $ 0.062 / BTSG
Minimum Contribution   
Pre-sale 40% bonus: min. 3 ETH
Pre-sale 30% bonus: min. 2 ETH
ICO 20% bonus: min. 1 ETH
ICO 10% bonus: min. 0.50 ETH
ICO 0% bonus: min. 0.05 ETH
'''Bonus Discount'''
  Pre-sale 40% for first 20,000,000 sold, 30% for next 15,000,000 sold
ICO: 20% for first 10,000,000 sold, 10% for next 5,000,000 sold,
0% for remaining 435,000,000 sold
'''Soft Cap'''
  $ 3,000,000
'''Hard Cap'''
  $ 25,000,000
'''7. ROADMAP'''
January 2018 - Launch of the BitSong.io website
End of January 2018 - AIRDROP - BitSong token (BTSG) airdrop through Telegram
10th of May - Bitsong Ltd was born - The first official headquarter in Malta was born!
14th of May - PRE-ICO 40% BONUS - 20,000,000 tokens will be on pre-sale to determine the price of the ICO with a 40% bonus.
21th of May 2018 - PRE-ICO 30% BONUS - 15,000,000 tokens will be on pre-sale to determine the price of the ICO with a 30% bonus.
28th of May 2018 - PRE-ICO 20% BONUS - 10,000,000 tokens will be on pre-sale to determine the price of the ICO with a 20% bonus.
11th of June 2018 - PRE-ICO 10% BONUS - 5,000,000 tokens will be on pre-sale to determine the price of the ICO with a 10% bonus.
10th of August 2018 - INITIAL COIN OFFERING - 47% of the tokens will be distribuited to solve the capital issue
Q3 & Q4 2018 - Opening of the first office in Malta, recruitment of other personnel necessary for the development of the project
Q1 & Q2 2019 - Opening of 2 locations in Europe, launch of the Alpha version of the BitSong platform (including mobile app)
Q3 & Q4 2019 - New partnerships in the international arena and the start of the contest dedicated to the artists. New platform features including TV support, artist statistics, users and advertisers.Stabilization of the platform, new features and start of the creation of our blockchain.
2020 - The whole year will be dedicated to the creation and stabilization of the blockchain, including the support related to the licenses. Partnership with new car manufacturers and TV stations.
{| class="wikitable"
| PRE-ICO || 05/14/2018 || 40% || 7 DAYS || 20,000,000
| PRE-ICO || 05/21/2018 || 30% || 7 DAYS || 15,000,000
| PRE-ICO || 05/28/2018 || 20% || 14 DAYS || 10,000,000
| PRE-ICO || 06/11/2018 || 10% || 14 DAYS || 5,000,000
| Public Sale || 08/10/2018 || 0% || 90 DAYS || 473,782,070

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