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Stop trolling the wiki --Luke-jr (talk) 20:51, 19 September 2012 (GMT)

Do you mean Tonal Bitcoin? No, this is no trolling. I'm only trying to make better wiki. Please, keep calm and let me explain it:
Tonal Bitcoin has lot of problems. Template "Delete" was there first time putted 1,5 years ago (not by me). There is discuss on wiki, in which ALL votes and opinions are against Tonal Bitcoin. I searched the Internet and I don't found any person using Tonal system (or being interested in it). Except you, of course.
Personally, I don't have nothing against tonal system itself, it's quite interesting from historical and technical point of view (although I would prefer counting in base 12 rather than 16 - it's better divisible in real world). Definitely, it have place in common Wikipedia. But how the hell is tonal system related to bitcoin? There are completely different things, why you don't promote tonal dollar, tonal euro or tonal counting of common things? I don't see any pages about it. Why just bitcoin is so different?
This is why tonal bitcoin on wiki is bad. 100% of people are confusing, 0% are happy.
I love bitcoin. From technical and economic reason. I think bitcoin has a future. I try to promote bitcoin, mostly in my country, write articles and try to put informations to people. Not forcing using them but everybody should know in which is bitcoin different and why. People should think about it. And then eventually decide to use bitcoin. To decide, they must have more informations and wiki is great for it.
But how I can recommend them wiki when is messed with off-topic things? Bitcoin itself is difficult enough, when we have add unrelated topics on it (in which isn't instantly clear that they are unrelated), we will have more confusing people. This isn't good for anybody. Nor for you.
I know, you love tonal system (for some reason) and you have something to do with bitcoin, so you are trying put your ideals to it. Even when there are unrelated projects. Even when everybody are against it. Even when it confusing new people. I respect your work on bitcoin, and - without a doubt - generally you are for bitcoin more useful person than me, but this is really, really bad thing.
Please, stop promote tonal system on Bitcoin wiki. Respect opinion of ALL people. Don't do it just because your ego. Do some fan page for tonal system, converters etc. but don't use bitcoin for promoting. Just until tonal system wouldn't widely used. It's very, very confusing and it damages the wiki.
Thank you. Aleš Janda (talk) 17:46, 20 September 2012 (GMT)
Keep your trolling here. Continued vandalism may result in a ban. Thanks --Luke-jr (talk) 12:07, 5 October 2012 (GMT)
What exactly did you not understand in my previous post? If you would vandalise wiki again, I also revert it again. And yes, ban is good solution for repeated vandalism. Aleš Janda (talk) 09:01, 25 October 2012 (GMT)
Aleš, "consensus" is not attained from the three people who happened to comment on a topic. The history page is not "damaged" due to some mentions of Tonal on it. Reverting the work of others who are passionate about a topic is what is damaging. Improve the content if you wish but now your war on tonal has caught my attention and know that you're now outnumbered if your strategy is to simply wage an edit war. Sgornick 19:52‎, 9 December 2012 (GMT)
I think that adding informations that are unrelated to topic IS damaging of wiki. Tonal system is not related to bitcoin in any way and it just do mess in wiki. Secondly, Edit war is Luke-jr's strategy. Earlier I tried to discuss but note that Luke-jr never discusses, he still only reverts and adds new unrelated or his-opinion-only informations. So what's your solution to this behavior? Aleš Janda (talk) 10:07, 15 December 2012 (GMT)
Rather than simply waging revert wars, how about re-opening discussion. Start with one sentence. See where that leads. - Sgornick (talk) 21:32, 11 March 2013 (GMT)