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Hello, I just edited the HTTPS link that you added to SourceForge since they do not really support HTTPS (the HTTPS version automatically redirects to the HTTP version). --OsamaK 12:13, 13 June 2011 (GMT)

Dear gavin, recently I've been having a problem with a user known as sgornik, who has removed my links to a free mining guide I offer people to get started in bit coin mining, first claiming it to be completely non existent, then claiming it to be blatant spam advertising, I removed the link bucks links (which showed a 10 second wait page before loading up my webpage, I used this to pay the site upkeep) as a sign of good will and sent a message to sgornik asking him to have another look at the site to see if he's happy, now he says he has referred me to the administration as a spam advertiser and that I shouldn't be able to contribute to the wiki, obviously I find this quite distressing as my website ( literally has 2 google adsense ads which are non profit and pay for the site costs, has no pop ups, no extremely large distracting ads or anything of the like so I fail to see this so called "Blatant spam and advertisements", please if you could spare the time can you have a peek at the site, tell me what you think, and if I could make any improvements to help better the bit coin community, as all I wish to do is have a simple guide to get miners started and the support and traffic I've received from the wiki has made it into the primary site for people to get started in bit mining, with 60k hits a month made in the first month (last month ^-^) Please could you key in on this issue as I find sgorniks behavior to be quite distressing really and hes even claiming it to be a binary distribution site, which is odd because I host no files of my own and all my download links go directly to the official webpage as I'm sure you will be able to see quite clearly for yourself, please get back to me on this.