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> "This page was created during many months and by multiple users so nobody has the right to just delete everything, and add only one link. This is not Wikipedia, so commercial content is not a valid explanation. Do not remove or Admins will be notified."

Hi there. The removal of all purely commercial content has been discussed for a long time now, this wiki is for information not advertising. As bitcoin adoption increases, the number of gambling sites, affiliate programs, businesses which accept bitcoin, etc. increases dramatically. We are now at the point where it is not practical to try and maintain a complete and impartial list of all such businesses, as was attempted in the past. It is a burden on users to keep them updated, so the result is that the only updates are done by the businesses themselves, as a form of advertising. To keep things impartial and clean, it is thus better to now remove all purely commercial content, leaving only that which has had a notable role in bitcoins history (such as Mt Gox). I hope you understand.