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A BitcoinATM is a specialized piece of equipment that functions similar to a traditional ATM, but with added functionality that makes it function more like a physical exchange. There are multiple types machines, but they are generally broken down as 1 way or 2 way machines. 1 way machines, or Kiosks, allow for the insertion of cash and withdrawal of Bitcoin only. 2 way machines generally function as a full exchange, allowing for conversion between both fiat to bitcoin or bitcoin to fiat.

Different BitcoinATM manufacturers and operators choose different levels of AML/KYC requirements depending on their own needs and the jurisdiction of the physical placement of the BitcoinATM.

BitcoinATM360 was the first company to provide enterprise services for BitcoinATM operators as well as selling new and used units from various manufacturers.


BitAccess BTM offers full 2 way functionality in a form factor very similar to traditional ATMs. Has configurable AML/KYC systems that can be determined by the operator.


Lamassu was an early 1 way machine that has an add-on base that extends the functionality to being 2 way. Often cited for its clean design and simple usage.

Genesis Coin

Genesis Coin has built a 1 way (Satoshi1) and 2 way (Genesis1) BitcoinATMs based on existing ATM hardware.

General Bytes

General Bytes has a very easy interface and small form factor that allows it to be used almost anywhere.


Skyhook is an open source commercial one way Bitcoin ATM for everyone, priced at 999.- USD.


BitcoinATM360 provides enterprise services, asset recovery and new and used BitcoinATM sales.
BTMSales has a good overview of machines currently available on the market. has information about the BitcoinATM industry with a BitcoinATM news section.
BitcoinATMmap can help you locate a BitcoinATM nearby.