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Dagensia.eu website and its services are provided by Dagensia Finance s.r.o., company authorized by the Czech National Bank as a small Payment Institution under the Payment Services Regulation.. Find more information on our website https://dagensia.eu/.

Dagensia allows you to Buy and Sell Bitcoins and to store Bitcoins securely. You can get your first Bitcoin today, or you can start accepting Bitcoins directly into EUR or USD balance and ATM card. Register right now https://banking.dagensia.eu/register.html

Dagensia Deposit Options

Dagensia Withdrawal Options

Dagensia dAccount

Buy c-gold, EgoPay and Payza through dAccount. The dAccount features Sofort, SEPA and bank funding, balances in EUR, USD, Bitcoin, Gold and Silver units, ATM card and instant payments.

Buy Bitcoins

Supported payment options are (fund your dAccount):

  • Sofort Direct Deposit (instant)
  • Euro Standard Transfer (SEPA)
  • Bank wire in the following currencies: EUR, USD, GBP, SEK, CHF, CZK, PLN
  • EgoPay, c-gold

Our Bitcoin rate

We take the actual market rate and we update it every few minutes, so you can be sure to always get the right Bitcoin price.

Sell Bitcoins

Transfer Bitcoins to your dAccount. You can then withdraw funds to your bank account, ATM card, Payza, c-gold, EgoPay, Gold and Silver units or to other dAccounts.

Send and Receive Bitcoins

Send Bitcoins from your dAccount EUR or USD balance or Receive Bitcoins directly into dAccount EUR or USD balance using the current Bitcoin rate. You will see exactly how much the transfer cost, which is useful for accounting and costs overview.

dAccount Bitcoin Wallet

Easily transfer Bitcoins into your dAccount Bitcoin balance and store Bitcoins securely with peace of mind. We provide a 2-way SMS authentication, so that no one can steal your Bitcoins. You can convert Bitcoin balance into any supported currency, pay with Bitcoins or send Bitcoins to anyone through email. Get our reloadable ATM card and exchange Bitcoins to cash as you need, or pay with the card in stores and online. Automated Bitcoin Conversion

Do you want to accept Bitcoins in your shop? Do you wish to have Bitcoins automatically converted to Euros or US Dollars? Register with Dagensia and get paid in Bitcoins to your dedicated EUR or USD address. You will immediately see the received value in Euros or Dollars.

Give your Bitcoin USD or EUR address to friends, use it on your website or publish it for donations and all incoming Bitcoins will be automatically converted to currency of your choice.

TIP: You can insert your dedicated Bitcoin EUR or Bitcoin USD address into your Mining Pool account and all of your mining payments will be instantly converted into Euros or Dollars. Transfer received funds directly to your bank account, reloadable ATM card, EgoPay, Payza or c-gold account, or transfer funds instantly to other people’s dAccount or email.

All information and videos about your dAccount you can find here http://www.youtube.com/user/DagensiaFinance/feed?view_as=public

Dagensia Support: https://dagensia.eu/support/

Dagensia Blog: http://dagensia.wordpress.com/

Dagensia @Twitter: https://twitter.com/Dagensia