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labcoin was purportedly a company run by iTec Pro Limited which made claims to several ASIC hardware developments and sought investment by common members of the public.

Many of its claims were refuted and media released was claimed to have been manipulated or be of infeasible design for the claims. By the 5th of November, some of the investors made claims to begin a lawsuit against the people involved in what they believe to have been a scam.


2013/06/23 [1]announcement
2013/06/25 [2]first involvement by TheSwede75
2013/06/27 [3]first mention of involvement by theSeven (behind FPGA design on which the ASIC was to be based)
2013/07/03 [4]180nm cancellation, reveal of two separate 65nm efforts
2013/07/04 [5]TSMC mention
2013/07/06 [6]chinese team 65nm specs
2013/07/06 [7]chinese team 65nm specs, 130nm+die size mention
2013/07/06 [8]130nm core count mention, 65nm specs
2013/07/06 [9]specs 130nm
2013/07/12 [10]SZICC mention
2013/06/16 [11]TheSwede75's official involvement
2013/07/18 [12]to fab 'next week' mention
2013/07/23 [13]IPO[14] thread started by TheSwede75
2013/07/27 [15]specs/die size/die design image
2013/08/02 [16]delivery in september (130nm, 65nm still under design)
2013/08/03 [17]use 130nm in-house before larger run
2013/08/08 [18]130nm specs, die size, etc.
2013/08/28 [19]reel chip image, photoshopped ( claims it was due to 'rough chip packaging' (
2013/09/14 [20]specs, blurry pcb/tray image
2013/09/14 [21]better image (possibly: page00479.html.2.4qqgoPD.jpg)
2013/09/14 [22]imgur'd versions of both above
2013/09/15 [23]chips in tray/iffy PCB image
2013/09/26 [24]mention of howard wang leaving team (in august)
2013/10/06 [25]howard wang (130nm designer) view of timeline
2013/10/09 [26]TheSwede75 (PR/community liaison) stating frustration with labcoin's absence
2013/10/17 [27]last post by theSeven, distantiating himself from labcoin.
2013/10/21 [28]130nm work finished by somebody else, 65nm development suspended
2013/10/26 [29]last post by official account mentioning deployment of 10Th/s
2013/11/05 [30]last post by TheSwede75
2013/11/05 [31]lawsuit initiative
2013/11/28 [32]last activity on official account
2013/11/30 [33]last activity by TheSwede75
2014/04/08 [34]last activity by theSeven