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Mercury is a new Bitcoin layer-2 scaling technology, based on the concept of statechains, that enables private keys for BTC deposits (UTXOs) to be transfered securely between owners without requiring an on-chain transaction.

This enables users to transfer full custody of an amount of BTC to anyone almost instantly, with increased privacy, and without having to pay miner fees. Mercury also supports the first production CoinSwap implementation.

Mercury Wallet installation homepage

Mercury Wallet is easy to install. First, you have to go to or http://mercury32vj43p4ychitp5qgqbcwmz36alalpd76nma3zbcedjmgyoqd.onion (for the onion service) and download the version for your own operating system. Mercury is available in most operative systems with 64-bit architecture.

Run Mercury Wallet

When you run Mercury for the first time, you will be proposed to generate a new wallet. Choose a unique name for the wallet so that you remember what it is about.

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