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FoundedAugust 1, 2004

About the service

Exchange service was founded in 2004 (on other domain) as local WebMoney / Cash exchanger in Ukraine. The mission of the service is to provide a high quality service for each customer, even for not standart requests. Some directions are performed automatically and some processed by operators.

Supported electronic currencies

  • BTC BitCoin
  • USD
  • WMZ Paymer
  • WME Paymer
  • WMR Paymer
  • WMU Paymer
  • WMZ WebMoney
  • WME WebMoney
  • WMR WebMoney
  • WMU WebMoney
  • RUB Yandex.Money
  • USD PayPal
  • RUB PayPal

Supported services

  • Selling Amazon Gift Cards
  • Payment to
  • Payment to
  • Payment to
  • Payment to TeleTrade
  • Payment to InstaForex

Supported payment methods

  • Worldwide VISA / MasterCard payments
  • Cash in Ukraine
  • Bank transfers in Ukraine

Fees and rates

Fees and rates are vary with the exchange rates for cryptocurrency.

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